2020 – 2021 has been one of the most challenging times that our agency and our young people have faced since our founding in 1999.

The onset of the pandemic brought some serious challenges as our young people shifted from in-person to online classes, lost their jobs and social connections, and once again were faced with the all too familiar feelings associated with living with uncertainty. Given the traumatic life experiences, many of our young people have endured, deep-rooted pain and fears came flooding back. Our staff has worked tirelessly to reassure each young person that they are safe. We have also provided vital PPE, food, clothing, and resources to help them make ends meet as they searched for new employment.

The young people at Roots & Wings struggle with significant learning challenges due to the trauma and neglect they have endured.  We have worked to help each young person adapt to a new virtual, educational environment. We provided practical tools and coping strategies allowing them to remain engaged and productive in their studies with exceptional outcomes. We stand in awe of their resilience and determination as they emerge stronger than ever before!


Their accomplishments speak for themselves:

            • 5 young people completed bachelor’s degrees with 2 more expected in the next year
            • 3 young people enrolled in 4-year colleges with degrees expected in the next two years
            • 3 SORA Certificates (Security Supervisor Certificate)
            • 1 Real Estate course completed
            • 3 associates degrees within 1-2 semesters of completion
            • 1 young person enrolled in nursing school
            • 1 finishing Medical Assistant cert.
            • 1 CDL near completion
            • 2 Cosmetology Licenses near completion


Graduates of our program include union carpenters, mechanics, teachers, retail managers, cosmetologists, business leaders, vet tech, real estate agents, social workers, psychologists, news correspondents, and personal trainers.


We Are So Proud!