The Roots & Wings Model

Roots & Wings is a 2-3 year comprehensive solution to a problem overlooked today.

We make a long-term investment in each young adult to allow them the time and support to build the educational foundation and social maturity they need to succeed. The case management services provided by our professional staff serve as a safety net, protecting our young people from the risks former foster youth face when left without support and guidance.

Roots & Wings recognizes the value of education as the gateway to meaningful job opportunities. Therefore, we require our participants to pursue higher education through college, vocational or certificate programs.

RISE graduates can choose to stay connected through our FLY program which is 18 months of follow along support and case management services after graduation from the program.

FLY is similar to how parents continue to provide support and a safety net after their children graduate from college and move into their first apartment.

Our alumni are also invited to attend our seminars, holiday parties and celebrations, and are encouraged to interact with current clients providing them with real-life role models and inspiration.  Some of our graduates have chosen to return and become official mentors to current clients in the program. 

Our graduates are overcoming the odds and doing what so many of us take for granted, living independent lives. While also integrating into their communities instead of lingering on the outskirts as victims of circumstance.